Schlegel's Computer Services

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     Hello my name is Chad and welcome to my website.  I have been doing computer repairs for over 8 years.  The work is done on my spare time and I am located in Jeannette, PA.  Never get ripped off by any of those big name companies or let somebody sell you something you don't really need.  

     I personally promise the best deal around, no surprise fees or gimmicks whatsoever.  You will know exactly how much the service will be before I do the job.  I'm not here to take your money, but to provide a service at the cheapest price possible. As always if I cannot fix your computer, there is NO CHARGE!  

     Navigating this website is very easy.  The services page will give you an idea of which services you might need with brief descriptions and terminology with external links to definitions.  Also, there is the contact page which once filled out will dispatch an e-mail directly me.  Enjoy your stay and I very much look forward to dealing with you.